Saturday = MMA

I’m just gonna jump right in to this one.

Saturdays I have my MMA specific class. This is the class that focuses on the all around game, stand up, ground game, takedowns, everything. Every class starts with cage work, working on how to get out of certain positions. After that we ran a sprawl drill followed up by a few minutes of shadow boxing. We then got in to some over/under clinch techniques. We worked on making space from the clinch, and then working in to takedowns using punching combinations. After that we went in to positional sparring. I started off in my training partner’s guard, and then we switched. We were in the middle of sparring, and my lower back started to tighten up a bit. I started trying to roll out of a postion, and I started feeling a sharp pain in my lower back. The guy I was going with said I rolled over on his foot, so I don’t know if that hurt it, or if twisting my legs around did it. Either way, it was pretty painful at the time it happened, but I feel a lot better now. I’m hoping it was just a really bad cramp. I’ll be hitting up yoga tomorrow, and hopefully I won’t miss any real time from this.

Like most red blooded, American born American male, I love NFL football. I wanted to write this yesterday, before this weekend’s games, but I wasn’t really feeling like blogging with my back bothering me. I’ve always said that if I was on a team that I wouldn’t want to have the bye week in the playoffs. I’ve always felt that the wildcard teams end up being better off because they have some momentum coming off the week before, as opposed to the team with the bye, who just practiced and watched film.

Now, as for who I wanted to see win. I don’t really like Baltimore, or Pittsburgh, so I didn’t care who won that one. I thought the Ravens had a chance to win, which they did, but the Steelers held them off. I wanted to see the Packers win last night. Clay Matthews might be  my favorite player in the league. He’s the epitome of intensity, but he’s also very humble. He just goes out there and does his job. So, I was obviously happy to see them beat Atlanta.

Here’s who I would like to see win Sunday’s games. I’d like to see the Seahawks win. A lot of people complain about the NFL playoff system. I’ll agree that teams with better records probably deserved to be in. But, if they beat Chicago this week, after beating the Saints last week, I’ll say they earned their shot. I’m also a big fan of the underdog.

I’ve been a Redskin fan since I was a kid. I’ve lived in the DC area for almost my entire life. My favorite player growing up was Art Monk. When he went to the Jets, I also became a Jets fan. I used to be able to tell people I was a Jets fan with no problem, but things have changed a little bit since Rex Ryan became the head coach. Don’t get me wrong, he’s an awesome coach. Just look at what he’s done the last couple of seasons. My problem with him is all the trash talking he does. It’s made people hate the Jets. Now I know how Cowboys fans feel having to hear how much people hate their team. Regardless, I still want them to beat the Pats today.

I guess this was more about football than my training, but whatever. Thanks for reading.


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