Haven’t updated this thing in the last week and a half, but I only made it to training one day last week, thanks to weather and being out of town. I started this week off with CrossFit and Muay Thai on Monday, weights and MMA on Tuesday, so I’ll go over all that stuff.

Monday’s CrossFit workout was a 25 min workout, as many rounds as possible. It consisted of 5 reps of overhead squats (65#), 10 reps of ring push ups, and 15 GHD sit ups. My goal was to go through without stopping for anything but moving to the next station. I was able to do it, so I hit ten rounds, with an extra set of squats and push ups. I need to work on my form on some of the stuff still. I tried to get there early to try and stretch out my hips beforehand, but didn’t make it in time. My hips need a lot of warming up before I do things like squats, so the next time they’re in the workout, I’ll need to get there a little earlier.

Afterward I went to my Muay Thai class. We went over some knee work, and knee/kick combinations. Knees are another thing, like elbows, that I like going over in technique class. We generally don’t work on them that much because it’s easier to injure people with them, but my first instinct is to throw one of the two when someone gets in clinch range, so I have to remind myself not to.

Tuesday I hit back in the gym. This is my workout routine.

Lat Pulldowns: 130×10, 175×8, 220×6

Cable Rows: 130×10, 160×8, 210×8

Barbell Rows: 135×10, 185×8, 205×8

Some times I work in dead lifts as well, but not too often. My CrossFit workouts will normally have them at some point during the week.

A few hours after that I had my MMA class. Every class starts with warm ups, where we go over cage work, mount escapes, and cage takedowns. After that we went over guillotine escapes. We ended training with some sparring rounds from the mount. I did better than I have been doing from the bottom position. I had been panicking, but I feel more comfortable from there now. I’ve been feeling a lot more confident in my grappling lately, which I’m pretty happy about.

One of my coaches gave me a goal to work towards, which always makes me work harder. When I’m going to training just for the sake of going, it can be hard to get motivated. Now that I have a goal to achieve, I go in there every day with a purpose. I hope that I reach my goal, and I know that I’ll work my ass off until I do.


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