The name of the game is conditioning.

I haven’t been making it to as many training classes as I would have liked to recently, but there’s been quite a few variables as to why. I’ve been doing work at home, and my “regular” gym to try and make up for it though. Anyways, let’s get in to what I’ve done lately.

The last few classes have been focusing on basic techniques, and conditioning.  We’ve been working on cage techniques, as well as mount escapes a lot lately. I feel like my mount defense has come a long way now. I used to worry about taking too much punishment when I was in that position, but I’ve become way more comfortable using the system that we have set in place for when we might be there. I’ve definitely felt more comfortable in my all around game lately, and I feel like everything is starting to really come together.

We’ve also ramped up the conditioning aspect of training. We’ve been doing various HIIT drills, as well as technique drills. One of the days consisted of six stations, one minute on followed by a minute of rest. It doesn’t sound bad, but it’s really tough. The stations consisted of kettle bell swings, battle rope, hitting a tire with the sledgehammer, box jumps, and slam ball.

Last night’s class was pretty much all conditioning. We started with a drill where I had a 100 lb. dummy in my guard, stand up with it, then pick it up and slam it as many times as possible in a minute. It was a little weird at first, but I got the hang of it towards the end. I went five rounds, and got 6, 9, 8, 7, 10. After that we put the dummy on the ground, and I worked on my ground and pound for 3 minutes with a band around my waist, with someone pulling on it. We ended class with a five minute drill session against armbar defense while I was in the guard. I actually really enjoyed it, even if it kicked my ass.

Now the big news in the wrestling world is the return of The Rock.  I watched this past Monday, and like most people, I definitely got some goosebumps. I would put Austin and The Rock at numbers one and two of the greatest workers of all time. That being said, I can’t help but be disappointed at the fact that he’s said he doesn’t want to wrestle ever again. I’m holding out hope that he’ll be convinced to lace them up again, but he’s been pretty adamant about not doing that. His promos are great, but it’s just not the same to me if he’s not going to wrestle again.


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