Why most of us suck at Facebook

I didn’t have any intentions of writing every day, but felt the need to tackle this topic while it was fresh in my mind.


Why do most of us suck at Facebook? First of all, let’s look at what Facebook is meant for. When you first go you’re greeted by the saying, “Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook. See photos and updates from friends. Share what’s new in your life. ” At no point does it say, “Alienate your friends by forcing your beliefs and refusing to disagree to see anything from a different point of view.” Or at least I’m pretty sure there isn’t. I feel like this needs to be broken down in to categories, so here goes.

  • Politics – This has got to be the one thing nobody should EVER post about on Facebook. Even if you’re not in to politics, but want to share your opinion on something going on, be prepared to be attacked by somebody who doesn’t agree with what you have to say. I’m not saying that everybody is like this, but we all have a few people on our friend’s list that do nothing but post about how much Dems/Repubs suck at life, as if they could do a better job. That’s another thing, can we just stop the bashing of people doing jobs we know nothing about? I’m more likely to be surprised that you know how the election process works than take your opinion seriously if you’re posting crappy Obama memes every day.
  • Religion – This next one might surprise people, but I’m more talking to the atheists on this one. I actually pretty rarely see people posting over religious statuses. I’m sure some people will say, “But I always see people say things like, ‘thank God for today'”. If you have a problem with that, fine, but atheists post some real arrogant stuff to point the finger. I feel that almost every post by an atheist is, “You’re so dumb for believing that!” or a link to a horrible news story saying, “Where’s your God now?” Well, I have a question for you. What makes you think I want to read that shit???? You really think I want to read about child abuse in any capacity so you can get a shot in at something people believe in? That’s fucking disgusting.
  • Complaining – This one is a touchy subject. Granted, social media can be a good place to go and vent. Were you late to work because you couldn’t find your keys and you had a flat tire and you burned scorching hot coffee in the car? By all means, vent on FB. But if every single thing you post is a pity party, please save us all the grief. Life is hard, you have two choices, suck it up and keep it moving or let it make you it’s bitch. Just don’t broadcast to the rest of us what a little bitch you are, please.
  • Workouts/Food Pictures – I am admittedly guilty of this, but have tried to improve on it. Look, we all don’t need to know what time you go to the gym every day, what body part you’re working, or what stupid diet you’re on. Nobody is that interested in what you’re eating, if you’re on a diet. If you’re eating something unbelievably bad for you, by all means post that. We need more pictures of cake, less pictures of salads. Besides, this section is what Instagram is for any way, so if you’re that obsessed with people knowing this stuff, sign up for a membership there.

That’s all I can think of for now. Let me know if I missed anything. I’m going to start writing up some personal stories I have from wrestling/fighting/life on here too, so these won’t always be rants.



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