Fighting frame of mind

Being that I have a fight coming up this weekend, I figured I’d talk about something that doesn’t get a whole lot of publicity, what goes through one’s mind when getting ready to face another individual in the cage.

Now, everyone is different, so what works for me doesn’t work for everyone. Some people are the complete opposite, this just happens to be what works for me. I try not to think about the fight too much. I feel that doing this in the past has caused me to add pressure to myself, and it hasn’t worked out well. I just think that overthinking things has lead to me either expecting myself to perform a certain way, or thinking there’s a “one trick pony” to beating my opponent. I’ve always felt that those two thoughts are very detrimental to performing well. I also don’t like to watch too much film for the same reasons. Not saying I don’t watch at all, but I definitely don’t overwatch either.

I generally don’t think about the fight until I start getting my hands wrapped. At that point, it’s all about being in the zone. I have to listen to music, even if it gets a little bit in the way of my warm up,

because it helps keep me focused. This is the time I feel being focused is more important, and I only think of what I want to do in the fight, not what could happen to me. I’m a believer in bad thoughts lead to bad events, and vice versa.
Once I’m warmed up, the only left to do is walk to the cage, and step inside. The last thing I do is watch them close the door, take a deep breath, and go to war.


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