You think I have time to worry about what every Tom, Dick, or Harry thinks about me, or nah???

I’m not sure what made me develop this attitude, or what may have spurred a change within myself. I’m sure that at some point I may have cared about what the “outside world” thought of me, the things I did, the choices I made, but also at some point that changed. I’ve gone through a lot of personal growth over the last few years, that’s another blog for another time, but one glaring change to me is my value of other peoples’ perceptions of myself.

Like I said, I’m sure at some point I cared about what others thought about me. I think the times I’ve most cared about it has been going in to a new situation, like a new job, gym, school. I would actually say that my value of others’ feelings is based mostly on my desire to fit in, which I think is a pretty normal thing. But some times we let that get the best of us, and we end up caring too much about what other people think about us.

I have a few friends that put too much weight in others’ opinions. I’ve also had a lot of discussions with them about that. I normally ask them things like, “Well, how does that effect what you have going on?” The answer is pretty much always the same, it doesn’t. Well, why let them get you so bent out of shape? If they have nothing to do with it, why do you care so much? I’m sure there are people that say bad things about me, or that I suck at wrestling or fighting, or any other shit talk they may want to do, but they’re not the ones that live with what I do so what they think or say doesn’t really mean anything to me.

 I guess at this point I can’t see why anybody else’s opinion would weigh in on anything I do. These people don’t live my life, walk in my shoes, having to live with the decisions that I make, so why would I care what they think? Now this also mostly has to do with negative opinions. I’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people who will continue to lift you up, but unfortunately not everyone you surround yourself with will have that in mind. A lot of times when people are unhappy with themselves, they feel the need to tear down others. I know I’ve let people like that hang around in my life for too long, but I also know that I’ve cut plenty loose, and have been way better for it. If you take anything away from this, I hope that it’s to cut out any critics from your clique. Ain’t nobody trying to hear that negative shit around here!!!!



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Just a dude pretending to be a dude, pretending to be another dude.
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