It’s been the weekend, here’s my Winter Soldier review

I’m not going to waste your time telling you about Captain America, or who he is. As a matter of fact, if you don’t know anything about him, please leave now. Thanks.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out to much hype this past weekend, and I must say that it lived up to it for me personally. This movie was what I hoped Cap 1 was going to be. An in your face action movie. I viewed Cap as the “action movie star” from the Avengers, and I felt the first one focused too much time on how he came to be. This movie jumps right in to things, and the action starts right from the jump. 

One thing I really liked about the movie was the amount of involvement of the Winter Soldier. He’s one of the more complex characters in Marvel. If you know the path that character takes, then there were a few nods as to what they could be leading to with him. It should be cool to see where they go with the character, and the story lines they choose to go with.

I also liked that there weren’t a ton of Easter eggs or nods to the other films. I feel like some of the movies have so many that looking for them takes away from the movie, but this avoids falling in to that trap. There are still some cool ones, that even tease potential new projects, so don’t let your guard all the way down.

There weren’t a whole lot of down parts or lulls in the movie. Even the parts where there isn’t a whole lot going on are done well enough to keep me engaged without losing any of my interest. The action scenes were amazing, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney.

I had seen some reviews saying it was better than the Avengers, but I can’t go that far. Avengers, to me, was the perfect storm for a film. It was all encompassing, action, drama, comedy, it had something for everyone. The only thing this movie lacks is comedy, but it would also diminish it if they tried to put too much in. It was definitely awesome, and a great kickoff to what will hopefully be a good summer movie season. Definitely worth the money to see in the theater.


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