Rest In Power, Warrior

It’s not every day that a wrestling death has an effect on me, they seem to happen all too often, that they’re not very shocking. But The Ultimate Warrior’s passing has a lot of thoughts running through my head. 

Ever since the first time I saw Warrior, I can remember loving his character. He was like a real life superhero. His energy was unbelievably tangible, you could feel it come through your television. Everything about him was off the charts intense, from his promos to his running entrance, any time you heard that music start up you knew you were in for something crazy. Looking back now, his promos are insane, but when I was a kid I knew that anybody he was speaking to was in a lot of trouble once he caught up to them. 

There is a mixed reaction among people on Warrior as a worker. Some people will say he was awesome, some will say he had to be carried by better talent. I’m of the opinion that he was awesome. I hate that idea of “carrying” someone in a wrestling match, as it takes two to make that magic happen. Just think of how many great moments he was a part of. His Intercontinental title win, Wrestlemania 6, Wrestlemania 7, even his stuff with Papa Shango is still talked about today. A lot of people point to beating Hogan at Wrestlemania 6 as his greatest moment, but for me it was his match with Savage at Wrestlemania 7.

Warrior’s match with Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 7 is the best match in Wrestlemania history, in my opinion. I think it’s perfect in the art of story telling. After a good build, and a retirement stipulation putting both of their careers on the line, they delivered an epic match up. You truly had no idea who was going to win in the end. If you get a chance, check it out on youtube, it’s really great.

I think the thing that resonates most with his passing is the timing of everything. I’m one of those people that believe that we’re put here for a reason, and some times once we finish our task, we’re meant to move on. In a way, I think Warrior might have felt that way too, and he knew this past weekend was it for him. If you know anything of his backstory, then you know how it was coming full circle for him. His career in wrestling may seem like a flash, but it shined brighter than about 99% of people that step in that ring. Thanks for the years of entertainment. 


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