Why Brock Lesnar was the right guy to beat the Undertaker

I’ve was meaning to write this earlier in the week, but it ended up getting a little crazy.

If you didn’t know by now, Brock Lesnar broke the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania undefeated streak this past Sunday, and not too many people are happy about it. There are many various reasons people are complaining, but there seem to be two that really stand out. They don’t believe the streak should have been broken, and that Brock didn’t deserve to be the guy to do it.

Why would they end the streak? With very few legends left, this was something that we could still believe in. If there was one thing we knew every year, we could count on Undertaker defending his streak in epic fashion. But isn’t one of the reasons we fall in love with wrestling in the first place the unpredictability? So why are you mad that something unexpected happened? When I first saw, I literally said, “no way”. After that, I couldn’t stop smiling because I knew I had just witnessed history. Something that NOBODY thought was going to happen did, and that’s what makes moments like that magical. Now it’s not always a good thing when the hero falls, but it’s a moment that will be written forever in to wrestling history, and maybe we should appreciate witnessing that in our lifetime.

The second major complaint I see is that Brock didn’t deserve to be the guy to break the streak. I can understand some of the reasoning behind this. The main one being that it should go to an up and comer who they predict to be a future star. That makes total sense, being that it’s a career making spot to be in. The complaint I don’t agree with is him being a part timer. I’m not saying he isn’t one, because he is, but he’s certainly more active than the Undertaker. But those aren’t the only reasons why he should have been the one to do it.

Let’s be honest, while his first run was super impressive, Brock Lesnar is not famous for being a WWE Superstar. Brock Lesnar is famous for being a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Just look at the commentary during his matches. How many times do they bring that up? 100? Well, that won’t be the case any more. From now on, he’ll forever be known as the guy who beat the streak. Now WWE won’t have to rely on mentioning something else that Brock is known for during his matches.


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