We talm bout practice!

We all know that one guy in the gym that has to win at everything. They feel that unless they’ve proven themselves better than their training partners, that they have something to prove. I’ve never understood that mentality.

Why would someone feel the need to be “better” than their training partners? I’ve always seen it as these are my friends who help me get ready for fights, so why would I want to try and destroy them in practice? Chances are that will just discourage them either from coming to class, or wanting to work with me. It would make it pretty hard to get ready for a fight if that happened! 

The other aspect to take in to account is the personal relationships you develop with the people you train with. Personally, I get a sense of pride when people ask me to help them, but I don’t think they would if I was an asshole who just tried to kill them in practice every day. My gym also has a huge familial atmosphere, and things like that can make that strained. Not really too good for morale. 

Honestly, I don’t mind training with people like this. I actually kind of enjoy it. I use it as a chance to work on my technique, and using the other person’s aggression against them. Most of the time they end up rushing in to something that I can use to my advantage. Just a little tip in case you run in to this problem. 

If you train at a gym, and you’re reading this, just take it as a disclaimer not to be a jerk 🙂

Thanks for reading


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