I wonder what’s the longest they’ve been awake?

We have a lot of seminars at my gym. I would say there’s one at least every other month, and for months in a row a lot of the time. They’re always pretty awesome, and I always learn something new. One thing we have at the end is a Q&A session. One question that comes up pretty often is, “what does it take to make it as a fighter?”, and the most common answer is sacrifice. They talk about all the sacrifices they’ve had to make, and I always end up thinking back to my experiences in wrestling, and some of the sacrifices I’ve made there.

One of the things that always comes to mind right away are the moments that I’ve missed. I’ve missed an uncountable amount of birthdays, holidays, weddings, and numerous other big occasions to make shows. During most of may time wrestling I had a full time job, as well as wrestling a few times a week. This meant I was pretty much working seven days a week. This led to many scheduling conflicts, as I’m sure you can imagine. Shows were normally planned months in advance, so anything less than two months invite would normally get turned down. I would say that this would be the closest thing to a regret that I have, missing too many things due to time on the road.

After that it’s normally about time spent on the road. There was a period of time where I was living in Tampa, FL, where I was going to try to get a job with WWE. During this time I was working for a company in DE, which the promoter had a connection with WWE. I felt obligated to continue working for him, to try and use his connections to get ahead. I flew a lot of the time, but there were a few times where I drove. I would get off of work, and hit the road right away. I would normally drive straight to MD, where I met with my friend Bob, who drove the rest of the way. We would do the show, get dinner, go back to Bob’s and I would start driving back because I would either have to be at work Monday morning. Some times I even had to work Sunday night! I would literally be awake from Friday morning until Sunday night. I’m not saying these guys haven’t made sacrifices, I’m certain they have. But I wonder how many of them had to go through that to get ahead in fighting.

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