It’s not like I think I have the answer to everything

When I first started this blog a few years ago, I tried to keep it mostly to talking about my wrestling and training routine. I think that’s why I fell off on keeping up with it the first time around. When I decided to pick it back up, I thought I should just write about whatever comes to mind. If I write about something, it just happens to be something that I’m thinking about at the time.

I’m aware that some of these come off as kind of preachy, or like I know everything, but I’m well aware that I do not. I certainly have my faults and shortcomings. I’m very far from perfect. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and things that I’m ashamed of. But that’s just part of being human. The highs wouldn’t feel so high without the lows, which is corny, but so true. 

I certainly make poor life decisions too. I’ve done things that have been huge mistakes, and things I wish I could take back. While I know I can’t take these things back, the only thing I know I can do is learn from them, and make sure not to fall for the same vices.

I like to think that I write to let people know that if they’re going through tough times, they’re not the only ones. To help motivate somebody who might be stuck in a rut. Life isn’t always great, but that’s no reason not to love it. Then again, maybe I just wrote this one because it’s raining…


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Just a dude pretending to be a dude, pretending to be another dude.
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  1. diogenesftw says:

    Thank you for this……

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