You can talk about it or be about it

We all know at least one person that just loves to talk about the things they’re “going to do”. They’re on their way to do something unbelievably cool, or ready to take on a new challenge, but for some reason never follow through with it. I’ve never understood this mentality. I’ve always thought these people end up looking foolish in the end in some cases, and will always be found out.

What would make somebody make a ridiculous claim in the first place? I think the primary answer is attention. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen somebody post something completely unrealistic, and there is a lot of support shown their way. There’s nothing wrong with showing support for a friend, but there’s also nothing wrong with helping keep your friend down on Earth. As I said before, I would rather have people know what I’m really doing, then be embarrassed when people ask me whatever happened to what I was talking about.

I’ve had people ask me to write about my times in wrestling, and the big shows I did there, but to be completely honest, my time at the “big time” promotions was pretty unremarkable. Sure, I could sit here and tell you how awesome it was to go to those places, but it was really mostly boring. I would have to show up super early, and just sit around waiting to find out if or how I was going to be used. I’m sure some people feel differently about it, but I feel like I’ve done so many greater things in my life. 

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t support people actually attempting big things. I generally try to support the people in my life in all of their endeavors, because that’s what people should do. I know I love it when people come out to support me in my competitions/shows, so I try and reciprocate that as much as possible. When people tell me they want to lose weight/diet, then I always support them to the fullest. It’s tough to start something like that from scratch, and I feel that any bit of motivation can help. When people falter on things like that, a lot of times it’s just because they’re human, and if they’re willing to keep trying, then they definitely deserve a lot of praise and motivation.



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