I’m not just saying my team is the best

I’ve noticed a trend in my area that’s kind of weird to me. It seems like there are quite a few guys that jump from gym to gym when it comes to training for their fights. I can understand doing this if you’re a pro fighting out of the area as it’s always good to get different looks, but it’s such a weird concept to me on the amateur level.

As far as amateur fight promotions in the area, there’s really only one. In other words, the choices for places for gyms to send their fighters to around here are limited. That being the case, almost all of the amateur fighters fight one the same cards. Well, if you’re out there training with all the different gyms chances are that at some point you’ll end up fighting someone from one of the gyms you trained at. This is one of the main reasons that I wouldn’t want to jump gym to gym. I don’t want my opponents knowing what I’ve been working and improving on. It also can be mentally tough to get in there and compete with someone that you’re familiar with.

I would say the main reason that I don’t want to gym hop is due to the environment of the gym that I’m currently at. I have trained at a few places, both in the area and outside of it, and it’s the first place I went to where everybody was over the top friendly, but in a genuine way. I told them that I wanted to fight the first day I walked in the door, and they’ve helped me get there, and continue on my path ever since then. I’ve grown not just as a fighter, but as a person thanks to everybody there. I can honestly say that I was a completely different person before going there, and I’m forever indebted to everybody that’s helped me in any way.


capitalmma.com if you were curious 😉


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