Isn’t it nice to have a break?

One thing people always look forward to after a fight cycle is the break that normally comes afterwards. It’s pretty normal for people to take the whole week after a fight off, to let their body recover from the Hell they just went through to even step in and compete. I had somebody ask me this question recently, and the honest answer is no, I don’t like having an extended break. I’m sure that seems crazy to a few people, but it’s true. There are probably a few reasons why I don’t like taking long breaks. 

One of the first things you learn in wrestling is that nothing gets you more prepared than experience. I think experience trumps almost everything in just about any aspect of life. Practice and things like that can help get you ready for something, but there’s nothing like actually doing it. I’ve talked before about “winning” in sparring/practice, and how that’s not really realistic. You have to expect that things will not hold back, and will be coming at you full force, and nothing prepares you for that like actually doing it.

I’ve always said that I don’t hate training, just dieting. I actually love training. Even on the really hard days, it’s still great to me. I always think about what happened in training later on, what tweaks I could make or thing I could do better. I think that’s another reason why I don’t like breaks, I’m always training in some capacity. I mentioned before that some people take the week after off, but that’s not me. I normally return to training the Monday or Tuesday after my fight. If I come out unscathed, why take time off?

Lastly, I just love to fight. I love getting in there, and testing myself. I have a pretty strong competitive fire burning inside of me(I’m just pretty good at keeping it in check). Training camps and diets haven’t seemed too hard to me yet, but maybe that’s just because I love what I’m doing…


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