Marvel just does it better

I saw X-Men:Days of Future Past last night, and while this won’t be solely a review of that movie, some spoilers may lie ahead.

I was pretty excited for this film. Early reviews had said it was one of the best comic movies to date, and that gave me a lot of hope. I knew I hadn’t seen a bad movie, but I also knew it was not what I expected at all either. 

I think my biggest problem is that Sony and Fox just aren’t very good withholding information about the future projects. I feel this is where Marvel has the upper hand the most. They’re great at not only teasing what’s coming in the future, but you generally have no idea what’s coming. I know I wasn’t the only person shocked and excited when Thanos rears his head at the end of the Avengers. Well, when Sony has already announced the next five Spiderman films, and Fox has announced the next couple of X films, as well as the details behind them, then the teases fall flat for me. I felt like the post credits scene was a waste of five minutes for me waiting for it.

I also felt like they concentrated too much on character/story line development. Normally I’m ok with this, but I felt there weren’t enough action scenes to justify the run time. Again, I have to point to Avengers as doing a good job of mixing it up. The scene where Hawkeye attacks the helicarrier to break Loki out was perfectly timed at a point where things were slowing down just a bit, but not at the expense of character development. If anything, it helped move that along by showing them starting to work together as a unit. The primary method of character development employed in this film is through dialogue, which again I’m normally OK with, but wanted more action from it.

Lastly, and this might upset some people, but it’s something I noticed, and kept asking last night. There were a few mutants teased throughout the film, but they were all depicted as children. I thought this was so weird, but made a connection. If you want to know what that is, just google bryan singer.

I did enjoy the movie, but again, was a little disappointed. Thought it would be a little more entertaining, but it wasn’t bad. Was fine seeing it once in the theater, wouldn’t go back for a second viewing.


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