Keep your eye on the prize

I think just about all of us have a vision in our heads of what we want out of life. While they vary from person to person, one thing for certain is that we all have an idea of how we want things to turn out. So what is it that prevents us from making our vision reality?

The main things that get in the way are distractions. These can be various different things, depending on what your goal is. It can be difficult to keep at something, especially if it feels like you’re not really making any headway. I consider this to be one of the main things that really separates the people that get what they want out of life. It can be hard to keep focus when something enticing comes along, but you’ll be way better off if you just stick with the goal at hand.

Some times we realize that the things we thought we wanted weren’t what we thought them to be. This can be the most dangerous pitfall. I see a lot of people give up on making any goal when this happens to them. I hate seeing people have their spirit crushed. I think everybody should want to fight for what they want out of life. So, if this has ever happened to you, move on and find something else that you can be passionate about and love to do.

I think these are the two main problems that hold people back in life. They can definitely be hard to overcome, but nothing is impossible. Don’t let something that will grant you temporary satisfaction get in the way of getting what you deserve for yourself.


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Just a dude pretending to be a dude, pretending to be another dude.
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