This is the last thing I’m going to say about the “Redskins” name

I’m 32 years old. I’ve lived in Northern Virginia since I was 3 or 4. That means that I’ve been rooting for the Washington Redskins for about 28 years now. So why all of a sudden is this name offensive? Honestly, I believe the people trying to get the name banned, are the ones making it racist. It seems most didn’t find it offensive for a while, so why does it carry so much weight now? I would think if this was a truly offensive term, that it would have been deemed that way before the 2000s, but maybe that’s just me.   I have thought of a few resolutions, however

First, let me eliminate some people from this conversation. If you’ve used the term “Redskin”, when saying that “Redskins” is offensive, then your argument is already invalid in my eyes. If it’s not offensive enough to make you stop using it in any way, then it can’t really be THAT offensive. 

Potential solution number one:

Let the Native American people, and only the Native American people, decide what to do with the name. In an era where most deem it OK for one ethnic group to use a racial slur(And I do know plenty that don’t like it, regardless of who says it or the situation), then why should anybody but that group decide what to do with the name? I’ve seen more than enough articles with Native American describing it as being a proud name. There’s also a little dilemma regarding sports team names among Native American high schools. I read an article recently where a coach at a school was saying he would have a tough time explaining to the athletes that the moniker they’ve used is now offensive. Why should somebody not from that ethnic group decide that?


Potential solution number two:

Eliminate any kind of racial classification from anything. Why should any school, job, or government need to know my race? If everything is supposed to be based on performance, then race shouldn’t matter at all. I shouldn’t have to tell you that information on applications, or government forms. If we want to destroy racism, then we need to stop classifying things even as Black, Asian, White or anything like that. We can all just be human beings, and this won’t be a problem


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