I saw Gravity on HBO last night. I hadn’t seen it earlier because everybody I heard from said that it would only be good in IMAX, or that the movie was only good for the visuals and special effects. I think these people completely missed the point of the movie, and that we all miss out on the meaning of a lot of things.

The main criticism I’ve heard from the movie is that it’s only good because of the visuals, and the story wasn’t that good. The only reasoning I could give for someone saying that is that they’ve never had a real obstacle to overcome. I feel that’s what this movie was about, overcoming your personal pity to do something great.

There aren’t a lot of terrifying scenarios that I could imagine myself in worse than being trapped in space alone. Being that I’m pretty sure I don’t know any astronauts, I don’t think any of us could imagine what it’s like to be there. But I do know that we’ve all had days where it seems like nothing is going right, and it would just be easier to give up. This movie is telling you not to. It’s saying that no matter how bad things seem, no matter how many terrible things happen to you, if you keep pressing forward, good things can happen.

I’ve also seen people complain about the scientific inaccuracies, and to those people I say, get a life. It’s a movie, not based on a real story. In other words, it’s a work of FICTION. Get over yourself needing to feel intelligent, and act like a human instead of a robot. I thought the end of the movie was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and have heard people complain about how it couldn’t happen. Stop thinking you’re the host of Cosmos for a hour and a half.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I picked this title for this blog about this movie. Honestly, I think most people are oblivious to reality. We’re so caught up in our social networks, jobs, celebrities, what’s popular, and a bunch of other unnecessary crap that we forget about the important things in life. I know that’s kind of a funny thing to preach about on a blog, but let’s face it, this is the best way to reach people now a days. If you don’t understand where I’m coming from, maybe you should see this movie, and not to analyze or criticize, but to put yourself in the main character’s shoes and realize how great it is to be alive.


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