We have to do better…

Earlier today I had planned on writing a more positive blog. I feel like most of my blogs have been preachy lately, and wanted to kind of get off of that vibe. But then I logged in to my social media accounts today, and saw an article getting shared around about a guy trying to cancel his Comcast service. For whatever reason, people seem to be rallying behind this guy like he’s some kind of hero. Me? I think he’s a total douche, and the problem with society these days.

I attached the clip I’m going to be referring to(I think, I’m not that tech savvy, even if I have a blog), that way you can judge for yourself.

There’s something about today’s society where everybody wants to play the victim. I don’t know when this started, but I for one am sick of it. Everybody is rallying around this like, “yeah! You show them!”, but what’s the end game? What’s the point of posting this online? So every idiot that’s ever been a jerk to a customer service rep can rally behind him? I mean, what was so hard about answering the questions? I’ve disconnected cable services a few times, and had no problem, but probably because I didn’t suggest they hire a firm to gather information, or just flat out refuse to answer a simple question. I mean, this guy is so dumb, he wants them to hire a firm to do research, which would probably mean the firm would start contacting him to find out the info he could have provided straight to the rep in the first place. So all I can figure out from this is that this dude WANTS to be harassed.

I saw another article being shared around earlier this week about a study done in NYC restaurants and the quality of service ( http://news.distractify.com/culture/craigslist-surveillance-restaurant/?v=1 ) The article talks about service at restaurants being poor/taking a long time because we’re constantly on our phones. While I’m certain that this does happen, I still feel a lot of restaurants have subpar customer service. I rarely eat out any more, because I can’t tell you the last time that I went to a restaurant and didn’t have to stop the waiter to ask for a drink refill, or without them screwing up my order because they didn’t write it down. This happens to me ALL THE TIME, and I’m pretty sure that’s not because I’m on my phone.

So, at what point will we start holding ourselves accountable for our own actions? It seems like now a days everybody wants a pass, and they expect to get it by sharing their experience online, from only their point of view, so that way everybody can say, “that’s crazy!!!”. There’s two sides to every story, and maybe we should all stop to think that maybe we’re only hearing it from the crazy person/asshole’s point of view.


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