Why Do Anything

I didn’t make a big deal out of this, but I did something this past weekend that I think most people would call either crazy or incredibly ballsy, but I decided to do a pro wrestling show and MMA fight on back to back nights. I feel like I need to take two approaches to this. One is needing to answer the question of why I would even do such a thing, but I also feel like I should go in to a little bit of detail of what the experience was like.

So, the first part, why would I even do this? I’m not sure this is something that I can even explain if you have to ask that question lol. It’s not easy enough to just say, “because I wanted to see if I could”, and expect people to know what that even really means. Let me say that I know that doing both pro wrestling and MMA isn’t what’s going to make me different from people. There are already plenty of others that do both. The difference is in the frequency in which they do both. It would be easy to take time off from one or the other to concentrate on each individually. That sound like the easiest thing in the world to me. Even doing the occasional show while focusing on my training camps isn’t any added stress to me. I knew the only thing I could do that other people wouldn’t be up for is to do them back to back, and it wasn’t even so much about doing what they wouldn’t as much as it was finding out if I could do it myself. I’ve talked a lot about how I don’t have a problem doing both, and they don’t effect each other as far as my training and everything goes, so I wanted to see how far I could push myself. Like I said at the jump, that’s not something I think people who would ask why I would do it could ever understand.

Now to the fun part. We’ll skip the week of cutting weight and jump straight to the point. The weigh in for my fight was at 6PM in Middletown, VA. The NOVA Pro show I did was set to start at 8PM in Annandale, which is about a hour from where the weigh in was. I figured this would be enough time to rehydrate some and get some food in me. I downed my first gallon of water in about 40 minutes, and had stopped to get some food along the way too. I arrived at the building for the show around 7:15, and started to get ready. I was hoping I would have been on later, but I literally didn’t tell anybody what I was doing, so I ended up being second match. Even being in the condition I was in, I was well on my way back to feeling normal and ended up having a pretty good 10 minute or so match with this other indie wrestler named Tracy Williams. I actually exceeded my own expectations on it. This was part of a tournament though, so that means I had to wrestle again that night. No problem. Went out and had a 3 way dance with Chet Sterling, and the eventual winner, Logan Easton Leroux. I finished that match up, and was ready to rest until the next day.

Saturday I woke up feeling pretty good. I had expected some soreness in my back, but was surprised to wake up feeling perfectly fine. I had enough fluids and food in my system to have a full recovery even with having done the show the night before. I was super excited at this point. I got ready and headed out for my fight that night. I fought Jeromy Mitchell that night, and had a decent little scrap before he got my back and choked me. This is when I realized something was a little weird about this. While I was disappointed I had lost, I wasn’t as upset as I have been in the past. If anything I would contribute it to not only having put on a decent performance in a loss, but also having put on a good performance the night before. I would say if there was any glaring problem to me in my fight, it’s that it was hard to flip my performance switch back on that soon after having done it. I probably should have anticipated this, as I’ve done MMA tournaments in multiday format and had the same thing happen. It’s OK though, this was more about the experience than anything else.

Would I do it again? Yes, but only if the wrestling part came second 🙂


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