What Makes You The Expert?

I think my last few blogs probably came off more preachy, so I figured I’d spend time on this one about myself. Mostly because I’m sure that I come across as some kind of know it all, but I’m just speaking from my own personal experience. I know that I’ve said before that I think our biggest problem when it comes to relating to each other is not ever trying to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, but that’s because I used to never do that myself, but the way I treat people and the way people treat me has improved drastically since I started doing just that.

For me personally, I knew a big problem with that was remembering that a world outside of my own exists. With social media around, we have a way to connect with people with similar interests all over the world. In my opinion the problem with that is we then become more close minded to other peoples’ thoughts or ideas about something. I know I’m not the only one who sees this either. People will insult and talk down to their own friends just because they don’t agree with them on something, then always try to explain it off as the other person being stubborn. I know because I used to do that a lot. If people didn’t agree with me, I would say they were and idiot or didn’t know anything. Due to becoming older, and I like to think wiser, I just understand that maybe people have different life experiences from mine, and their opinion isn’t invalid, just another perspective that I don’t have.

Another hot topic for me is criticism. If you interact with me on social media, then you know that I have no problem calling people out for criticizing things that they know nothing about. That too comes from life experience lol. I used to think that I should comment my opinion on every hot news topic or current event. There are two reasons this is ridiculous:

  1. Nobody really cares what I think
  2. I don’t want anybody critiquing every single thing I do in my life

People will always ask what makes someone different. In this regard, I can fully admit to having been a shitty person at some point, and I think most people are ashamed to do that. I think a lot of people have been shitty to some degree, but I’ll be damned if a lot of people aren’t also comfortable with trying to throw other people under the bus with no thought to their own actions. Whenever people start questioning other peoples’ character I ask myself what I would do if I was the person being questioned. I know that I don’t want people holding mistakes I’ve made against me my whole life, which has also made it easier for me to forgive others, which feels good too.

I don’t write these things to come off as an expert in life. Far from it. Most people would say I’ve fucked up a lot, but that also is just about perspective. I think people that just go to college and get a job and work until retirement are wasting their lives, and I’m sure a lot of them think the same about me. It’s just a matter of perspective, and this blog is an opportunity for me to offer mine.


About johnkermon

Just a dude pretending to be a dude, pretending to be another dude.
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