Living In Reality Is A Choice, Apparently

When I say living in reality is a choice, that applies to more than the obviously delusional people that we all see out there. Some times living in reality is about more than just “knowing what’s going on in the world”. Some people are stuck only in their own reality, where they think they get to apply the rules to life, but nobody gets to do that. Just because YOU think something should be done a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the way it will be. I still see people thinking that’s the case though, and I think it’s because we’ve lost all sense of trying to understand every side of a situation and only care about getting our way. I think that is what’s turned us in to a society of spoiled brats.

How do I know that this is the case? I used to be someone who only lived in his own reality. Most of the time it’s when you play the victim card too much. I used to think things didn’t happen for me because of everything other than my own actions. I used to have preloaded excuses for any shortcomings in my life. So, what brought about the change? I looked at things from the outside. I thought about times when I would teach somebody something, and when they gave me an excuse for not being able to do something I would think, “you’re just giving me excuses”, and would demand more from them. Then I started doing the same for myself. Coming up short in things is hard, but it’s going to happen. It’s not the failure that matters, it’s how we respond to and correct it.

Now this doesn’t just apply to peoples’ professional lives. I see people hold ideals based on fictional things all the time. I’m about to show my age, but when I was growing up people tended to look up to athletes as being heroic. I see a lot of younger people now a days looking up to fictional characters as being that way. Why is that weird to me? Because they’re made up. Personally I get more inspiration from things that happened in real life, not just a made up character. People looking up to Superman or Captain America are looking at impossible ideals. No human being is perfect. The same thing goes for relationships. Disney movie fairy tales don’t exist, it’s why you only see them happen in movies. You might meet someone that you have a lot of things in common with, but that doesn’t mean everything is supposed to be perfect all the time. People have flaws and make mistakes. So I think it really comes down not just to accepting that that will happen, but also wanting to help each other grow and improve from those things. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up on someone, but the people that really care will stick by you through thick and thin.


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