There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

This is going to be a more wrestling/training centric blog, but that’s what I do. Just like any other job, there are a mix of varying personalities in both of my ventures. There’s one particular type that drives me crazy in both. I can’t stand it when people think their way of doing things is the only way. The reasons for each are different, but both pretty simple if you have common sense, in my opinion.

The reason that you don’t want to do this in combat training is that everybody is literally physically different. That means that no two people are going to move the same. Even knowing this, I see coaches try to make fighters do something or move in a way that isn’t comfortable to them. People need to move in a way that feels good, and is conducive to their fight style. I see coaches mind f*** their fighters by yelling at them for not doing things in a certain fashion. The fighter almost always then starts to shut down, and not react in any kind of positive manner. I know personally I’ve always done well by being told what I’m doing well, and how to improve on those things. I think it’s hard for most people to get out of a negative mindset/situation when all they hear about are the negative things.

Wrestling is a little different. There’s really no way to mechanically deviate from the right way to do things, but has more so to do with the style of wrestling. So many wrestlers think their style is the best, to the point that they put down people that do different styles than them. This is so ridiculous to me, and if you do that then you don’t get the wrestling business at all. Wrestling is supposed to provide a variety of acts, so that there’s something for everybody. It’s not like anybody is asking you to change what you do, so why hate on something you don’t do? Add in the fact that you should be able to wrestle anybody of any style if you’re actually any good, and doing this is the biggest waste of time if you ask me.

I think a lot of this just comes down to ego. People are so caught up in being “right” about something, even when it comes down to things that will always be gray area. Some things will never have a definitive answer, so maybe try accepting that and helping lift people up instead. Otherwise people will probably just end up trashing the way you do things.


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