Delusional Much?

I see people classify this day and age as a “time of ignorance”, where people are choosing to remain ignorant to a lot of the problems going on in the world. While I do agree with that, I would say it’s more from being delusional. I think too many people are wrapped up in their own little worlds or what they think is important to realize when other things matter to other people. That to me is delusional more than anything else.

There’s other ways that I think people show they really don’t know their place in the world. Given the timing of this blog, there’s been a lot of people talking about the NBA Finals. A lot of talk about who the best player is, who is the weakest guy for joining what team, who “deserves” certain accolades. The problem is that nobody but the person giving the opinion cares about it. You’re not part of some voting committee for it. You have no say in who deserves what. The only people who truly deserve anything are the ones who go out and perform and win! You don’t get to get any credit for what somebody else does. That’s a big thing in both wrestling and fighting. People love trying to take credit for other peoples’ success. I’ve heard people say someone won a fight because of a technique they showed them. That’s 100% wrong. That person won because they showed up and performed. People in wrestling try to take credit for other peoples’ success if they trained them. That’s also 100% wrong. I’ve trained a few people that went on to have greater success than me, but that’s solely due to their hard work. I might have shown them a few things, or taught some important lessons, but I didn’t go out and do the job for them. They did that.

I think a lot of this has to do with the whole culture of people needing everybody to agree with them now a days. I’ve seen people go on all day online about particular subjects, just refusing to understand someone else’s point of view. While there are some things in life that are purely fact based, there are plenty of subjective things as well. There’s really no reason to be fighting people online in regards to entertainment or things of that nature. They’re there for people to enjoy, and if you don’t enjoy, then you don’t consume it. I will still see people say something is crappy or dumb though, as if they can’t help themselves. If I see something online that doesn’t entertain me, I just leave it alone. I certainly don’t insult the person that liked it for liking it. Everybody like something that someone will think is dumb. I think drinking is dumb, but there are tons of people that obviously enjoy it more than me. I don’t think they’re dumb for it, and I certainly don’t care if people drink or post about drinking. It’s not like they’re making me do it, and I feel like that’s what most people forget. Everything out there doesn’t relate to you personally, and if it doesn’t maybe keep your opinion to yourself.

I know I’ve been guilty of some of these in the past. I can think of times when people might have told me about something and I’ve thought it was dumb or not worth my time. That’s honestly rude as shit, but I also think I used to be an asshole lol. I can also say that really coming to this realization helped me out as far as relating to other people. I know I’ve had times where it doesn’t feel like anybody else cares about what I have going on, so I know how bad that feels, and I can’t really be like that with other people any more. Everybody has their own lives and their own things they care about, myself included, so who are any of us to tell someone what they’re putting their effort in to is dumb? I think that’s what’s really delusional.


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