Sorry 4 The Wait

So, if you follow my social media at all, then you probably already know that I had a pretty big weekend. I got promoted to purple belt and won my MMA fight on Saturday. I’ll try to address both of those things, although I’ll probably spend more time talking about the fight.

One question I was asked on Saturday night was which one meant more to me, winning my fight or being promoted. I didn’t even have to think about it, I already knew the answer the second my friend asked, one wouldn’t have meant as much without the other. Being promoted in jiu jitsu is a sign of years of dedication and hard work. It’s not something people take lightly at all, especially at my gym. That being said, the whole reason I started training was to compete in MMA, not be the best jiu jitsu guy at my gym. I could see some people thinking that’s disrespectful, but believe me, it’s not. My goals are just different than most people’s. Getting my purple belt was great, but I told myself the second I got off the mat that I couldn’t be satisfied with just that, I still had a job to do.

So, now on to the fight. It honestly went great for me. It’s in my opinion the best I’ve ever handled myself. I was the aggressor the whole time and even when I had a takedown reversed, one in to a deep choke in the first round, I remained composed and showed that I had better skills overall. I figured out what he was attempting in the stand up pretty quickly, and was able to chop his leg with some nice leg kicks in the second round. He was able to reverse another slam in the third, but wasn’t able to do anything, so we got stood back up where I slammed him one last time, sealing the sure victory for myself. I would say the best compliment I got afterwards was that it was the most complete overall fight that people had seen out of me.

So what’s next? Gonna figure that out with my coaches, but we’re just moving on to the next one like we always do. My work ethic is crazy to some people, but it’s not to me. There are a lot of people in my life that have been or are still going through things way tougher than any cage fight. One of my best friends from the gym who is going through his own health issues right now made the effort and willed himself to come out to watch me, so how could I not show up and give my best performance yet? Those people and their struggles are what push me to push myself harder than ever before. I’m blessed to be able to live the lifestyle I do, and I think it would be an injustice to myself and those people for me not to show up and give my best every single day.

This was my performance we’ve all been waiting on, so sorry for the wait, but we here now and far from stopping. Better late than never.


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