Credit? We Don’t Need That

No, I’m not talking about the credit you use to get things like housing and cars, but rather the credit from others I see more and more people chasing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to hear nice things about ourselves from other people, but it seems like it’s almost becoming an addiction of sorts for some. I’ve had people get pissed off at me for some of the dumbest things imaginable lately, and a lot of it has centered around their need for me to acknowledge them in some way.

As usual, I blame Facebook for a lot of this haha. Ever know somebody get mad because somebody didn’t like their post but shared it? How ridiculous is that??? Are you five years old? This is something I see people complain about online, and it makes me think peoples’ perspectives are so out wack now. Nobody I know is getting paid from Facebook shares, but I still see them complain like they are. It’s unbelievably petty to me. There are so many other things to worry about, I often wonder how these people even get through their day to day.

The other big thing I’ve noticed people getting upset over is getting credit for other peoples’ success. I hate this more than anything. Unless you helped the person accomplish what they set out to in the moment, then you don’t deserve that much credit. This is a thing in both wrestling and MMA. I always hear people say, “I showed them that”. Yeah, well, they still had to go in there and do it themselves without you and just because you may show somebody something doesn’t mean you’re responsible for their success. It’s actually extremely insulting to that person to claim as much. I think this mostly happens when people get jealous over the attention someone is getting for something they did, which makes this even sadder in my opinion. If you can’t be happy for other peoples’ success, then you shouldn’t be around them.

If you’re helping someone only to get something out of it later, you’re not really helping them. I feel like more people are only doing things in the hopes of getting that ever important shout out these days. As someone who has had people say things like, “hey man, I showed you how to do that”, after doing something, it’s really shitty. I know everybody likes to get their credit and shout outs, but don’t care about it so much that you alienate the people you’re “helping”. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t need that at all. A personal thank you is more than enough to me, and I think means more as well. I’ll never take credit for someone else’s work, and I think it’s something more people should make an effort to do.


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