I use this blog for a few different reasons. I think mostly to vent, and give my perspective on certain situations. Today it’s going to be about what I perceive to be my problems with relating to people.

I already know some people will say that sounds weird for me, that I’m a nice guy who people seem to have no problem getting along with. While that may be true, that doesn’t mean I can relate to or have a lot in common with them. I often find myself being solo in social situations, depending on who is around at the time. Thankfully I don’t have anxiety about this kind of thing. That being said, I have sat back and really thought about why that happens.

The most obvious thing here would be how much you have in common with people. That’s where a lot of the disconnect comes for me, I think. I want a lot of the same things out of life as most people, I just want to go about it a different way than they do. And while I’m working towards that, a lot of people can only see where you’re currently at and think that’s where you’ll end up. People that have never talked to you about your goals or how you plan on achieving them, but they somehow know whether or not you’ll be successful. These people are assholes, to be blunt. They’re the same type that will put others down, then ask why people aren’t supporting them. These are the type of people you should disassociate yourself from. Staying around people that would rather put you down than lift you up will only make sure that you stay down.

It’s  not just about having things in common though, qualities can also make it hard to relate to people. I honestly haven’t met many people who have the same drive and passion for what they do that I have. I could probably count them up on just my hands. It’s actually somewhat irritating to me. I always hear people talk about how they want the best for themselves in every aspect of life, but then constantly have excuses or decide to settle for something they really don’t want. I could never be like that. A lot of people seem to want to take the easy road these days, or give up once they hit a rough patch, but that’s not going to lead to a rewarding life. Everybody has some type of hardship to deal with, but it seems less people are willing to push through or be patient enough to make it out better on the other side. The only thing I know from talking with others who have done this in their own life is that it’s the quickest way to getting a life you regret. Obviously I only speak for myself, but people ask me why I do what I do instead of trying to find something “more stable”. I’m not going to have a life that I regretted or wondered what could have been.


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